september 9, 2003


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


ween                                       it's gonna be a long night           quebec

jersey                                      generation genocide                 generation genocide

sloan                                        backstabbin'                            action pact

los straightjackets                     supersonic guitars in 3d            san diego shutdown

delmonas                                 i feel alright                              do the uncle willy

black rebel motorcycle club      we're all in love                        take them on, on your own

electric frankenstein                  third generation nation              annies grave

belulah                                     my side of the city                    yoko

parkas                                     bus station blues                       now this is fighting

ladytron                                   paco!                                       604

lincoln                                      wish you were dead                 lincoln

rapture                                     house of jealous lovers             echoes

constantines                             young lions                               shine a light

pearl jam                                 red mosquito                            no code

*bobnoxious                            rock & roll                               bobnoxious

green river                               queen bitch                              dry as a bone

frank black                              everything is new                      show me your tears

goldfinger                                 bro                                          stomping ground

hawksley workman                  smoke baby                             lover/fighter

xtc                                           making plans for nigel               drums + wires

cowboys international               thrash                                      cowboys international

boomtown rats                         having my picture taken            fine art of surfacing

billy talent                                this is how it goes                     billy talent

jersey                                      shop floor                                generation genocide

joy division                              transmission                             substance

boy                                          black cat                                  recorded live at chrw

marcy playground                    secret squirrel                          shapshifter

new york dolls                         looking for a kiss                      new york dolls

new pornographers                  it's only divine right                   electric version

janes addiction                         strays                                       strays

big star                                    holocaust                                 big star story

soft canyon                              hope's great divide                   broken spirit

cuff the duke                            blackheart                                life stories for minimum wage

elo                                           kuiama                                     ole elo