september 23, 2003


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


detroit cobras                          shout bama lama                      life love leaving

pure                                         primajuana                               generation 6 pack

raveonettes                              that great love sound                chain gang of love

bauhaus                                                                                  1979-83

jet                                                                                           get born

flaming sideburns                                                                     save rock & roll

sloan                                        backstabbin'                            action pact

sloan                                        underwhelmed                        

shaun amos                              southern man                           anti-hit list

beat happening                         nancy sin                                  music to climb the...

cherry valance                          riffin'                                        riffin'

fishbone                                   slow bus movin'                       truth + soul

marcy playground                    bye bye                                   shapeshifter

tenacious d                             

steve cooke                                                                            great rock and roll swindle

veal                                         everybody wants more cocaine   embattled hearts

constantines                             tank commander                      shine a light

heard mentality                         pages                                       heard mentality

janes addiction                         idiot's rule                                nothing's shocking

xtc                                           mechanic dancing                     go 2

gang of 4                                 damaged goods                       that's entertainment

mercury rev                             oddessy of a cancer                 yerself is steam

electric prunes                          get me to the world on time      i had to much to dream last night

jazz butcher                             domestic animal                       distressed gentlefolk

chris houston                            girls are swell                           it came from canada

xtc                                           are you receiving me?               go 2

high dials                                  fields in glass                            a new devotion

soft canyon                              with my back to the sun            broken spirit, i will mend your wings

dears                                       no cities left                              no cities left

neil young & crazy horse          change your mind                     sleeps with angels

wednesday night heros             style over substance                 superiority complex

jersey                                      saturday night                           generation genocide

parkas                                     wildlife reservations                  now this is fighting

dr fly and the foundation           music man