december 9, 2003                  


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


clinic                                        walking with thee                     walking with thee

dirtbombs                                motor city baby                        dangerous magical noise

new bomb turks                       law of the long arm                   switchblade tongues...

*bobnoxious                            won't go quietly                        bobnoxious

motorhead                               bomber                                    no remorse

joey ramone                             lake a drug i never tried before don't worry about me

yo la tengo                               styles of the times                     today is the day (ep)

wire                                         spent                                       gimme skelter

veal                                         everybody wants more cocaine   embattled heart

*tissues                                    brick in my driveway                burgundy

*october crisis                         everyday                                  october crisis

supersuckers                            non addictive marijuana            must've been live

doa                                          mexican holiday                       war and peace

candy snatchers                       well i...                                     the candy snatchers

the minds                                 hot                                           plastic girl

stranglers                                 bitchin'                                     no more heroes

*blueskiesatwar                       constant reminder                     you pour the gasoline i'll light the match

paul westerberg                       pine box                                  come feel me tremble

nils lofgren                               keith don't go                           nils lofgren

*ross daly                                pump it up                               7"

apollos                                     that's the breaks                      

epics                                        louie come home                      pebbles presents: highs of the 60's volume 1 - l.a.

limey and the yanks                  guarenteed love                                                                       '65 teenage rebellion

*sheep look up                        spaghetti western                     sheep look up

screaming blue messiahs           someone to talk to                   screaming blue messiahs

husker du                                 terms of psychic warfare          new day rising

*ross daly                                don't want you around              7"

black sabbath                          children of the grave                 masters of reality

*the dropouts                          bored stiff                                the dropouts

rage against the machine           kick out the jams                      live at the grand olympic auditorium

blasters                                    common man                           trouble bound

pure                                         the hammock                           generation 6 pack

cadillac bill & the creeping bent      bogman                             dining out

killdozer                                   cinnamon girl

eleventh dream day                  watching candles burn              prairie school freakout

*legend killers                          man u gotta go                         legend killers

against me!                              you look like i need a drink      as the eternal cowboy

*63 monroe                             bad bad rock and roll               boot to the head

*blueskiesatwar                       another hero dies                     you pour the gasoline, i'll light the match