december 16, 2003


*london artist


artist                                                     song                                         cd

white cowbell oklahoma                        cowbell intro                             cencero blanco

white cowbell oklahoma                        shot a gamblin' man                   cencero blanco

rockmaster general                               double a                                   rockmaster general

the minds                                              open the door                           plastic girls

ladytron                                                the way that i found you            604

*blueskiesatwar                                    another hero dies                      you pour the gasoline i'll light the match

*design for dying                                  justify                                       design for dying (ep)

the jessica fletchers                               early monday                            what happened to the jessica fletchers

dirtbombs                                             thunder in the sky                      dangerous magical noise

danko jones                                          forget my name                         we sweat blood

*october crisis                                      pcb's                                        october crisis

negatones                                             flattened by the sun                   snacktronica

the clumys lovers                                  amen                                        after the flood

ben vaughn                                           leviation                                    rambler '65

mood elevators                                     long hard look                          married alive

white stripes                                         dead leaves + the dirty ground  white blood cells

hellacoptors                                          it's good but it just ain't right      by the grace of god

*viperscheme                                       last kamikaze                            sell the sky

raging slab                                            should a known                        sing monkey sing

helmet                                                  better                                       meantime

doa                                                      let's wreck the party                  war and peace

ron asheton                                           meet the creeper                       destroy all monsters

iggy pop and the stooges                       death trip                                  raw power

richard hell & the voidoids                    betrayal takes two                    blank generation

ian dury                                                wake up and make love to me   new boot and panties

tom robinson band                                better decide which side your on           power in the darkness

stiff little fingers                                     alternative ulster                                    best of...

the clash                                               pressure drop                           black market clash

hot little rocket                                      start digging

*grassy knoll & the magic bullit             in the distance

*constantines                                        dirty business                            modern sinner & the nervous man ep

husker du                                             reoccuring dreams                    zen arcade

viletones                                               little girl

*blueskiesatwar                                    etched in skin                you pour the gasoline i'll light the match

burdocks                                              pop cult                                    airplane tracks

*tissues                                                trouble                                      burgundy

*westminster park                                still your man                            westminster park

les tabernacles                                      born ready                                born ready

jon spencer blues explosion                   wail                                          now i got worry

les tabernacles                                      ????????                                  born ready