november 11, 2003


*london band!


artist                                        title                                          cd/album


dirtbombs                                start the party                           dangerous magical noise

pixies                                       debaser                                   doolittle

joe strummer                            all in a day                               streetcore

granpa boy                              mpls                                        dead man shake

veal                                         everybody wants more cocaine    the embattled hearts

*                    constant reminder                     i'll light the match...

superchunk                              like a fool                                 foolish

neal pollack invasion                jenny in the car 1972                never mind the pollacks

undertones                               you've got my number              greatest hits

1000 home dj's                        supernaut                                 1000 home djs (ep)

nashville pussy                         i'm the man                              let them eat pussy

doa                                          unknown                                  25th anniversary

*october crisis                         everday                                   october crisis

singles                                      no more places (left to go)        better than before

doa                                          disco sucks                              25th anniversary

rosebuds                                  kicks in the schoolyard             make out

barbarians                                are you a boy or a girl

paul westerberg                       knockin' em back                     come feel me tremble

*two minute miracles                aphasia                                    the silence of lambs

bottleneck                                these dreams of mine                late nights early mornings

buzzcocks                                why can't i touch it                   singles going steady

iggy and the stooges                 your pretty face is going to hell raw power

richard hell and the voidoids     love comes in spurts                 blank generation

cramps                                    goo goo muck                          bad music for bad people

lyres                                        don't give up now                     on fyre

fleshtones                                 extended super rock medley     live in paris 1985

*osterberg                               something real                         

flashlight brown                        ready to roll                             my degeneration

cheerleader                              i want action

*ten heads                               zero black                                swimming and singing

black boot trio                         many young men consider        ponyride

                                                  themselves cowboys

cub                                          ace of spades

doa                                          it's not unusual

doa                                          fucked up ronnie

doa                                          dead men tell no tales

doa                                          war

doa                                          ---