november 18, 2003


*london band!


artist                                        title                                          cd/album


grant hart                                 all of my senses                        intolerance

offspring                                  hey joe                                    go ahead punk

rapture                                     house of jealous lovers             echoes

constantines                             scoundrel babes                       shine a light

sugar                                       a good idea                              copper blue

dirtbombs                                sun is shining                            dangerous magical noise

matt mays                                city of lakes                             matt mays

pixies                                       tony's theme                             sufa rosa

man or astroman?                    earth station radio                    jabberjaw

hot hot heat                              talk to me dance with me          make up the breakdown

neal pollack invasion                do the ostrich                           never mind the pollack

tricky woo                               fly the orient                             sometimes i cry

granpa boy                              dead man shake                       dead man shake

sex pistols                                steppin' stone                           great r&r swindle

joe stummer & the mescaleros  get down moses                       streetcore

two minute miracles                  aphasia                                    the silence of animals

matt mays                                downtown                               matt mays

hi fives                                     skybolt-x-66                            jabberjaw

thrills                                        so much for the city                  so much for the city


diggin' thru my vinyl


wilson pickett                           barefootin'                               the exciting wilson pickett

shakin' pyramids                      tennessee rock n roll                skin 'em up

flamin' groovies                        the girl can't help it                   supersnazz

clash                                        brand new cadillac                   london calling

modern lovers                          astral plane                              the modern lovers

stranglers                                 in the shadows                         black & white

simply saucer                           electro-rock                             cyborgs revisited

joy division                              love will tear us apart               the peel sessions


back to normal programming


weeping tile                              ufo rosie                                  cold snap

giant sand                                iron man                                  cover magazine

smashing pumpkins                  clones (we're all)                      bullet from butterfly wings        


the janice effect - live to air


*the janice effect                      bring it                                                                                   

*the janice effect                      advice from me

*the janice effect                      don knotts

*the janice effect                      wednesday

*the janice effect                      pieces

*the janice effect                      fall out

*the janice effect                      press one

*the janice effect                      urine