november 25, 2003


* london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


smashing pumpkins                  i am one                                   gish

*salmonblaster                         salmonblaster                           justafish

*blueskiesatwar                       constant reminder                     you pour the gasoline, i'll light the match

999                                         homicide

the minds                                 hot                                           plastic girls

new bomb turks                       radiobeat                                 switchblade tongues, buttonknife blades

pearl jam                                 gremmie out of control             MOM

nirvana                                     on a plain                                 nevermind

dirtbombs                                motor city baby                        dangerous magical noise

rolling stones                            salt of the earth                        beggars banquet

*dropouts                                laid 'em low                             dropouts

thrills                                        one horse town                        so much for the city

pretty girls make graves            speakers, push the air              

suicide                                     rocket usa                                suicide

the constantines                        dirty business                           the modern sinner, nervous man ep

the constantines                        arizona                                     the constantines

kristin hersh                             like you                                    strange angels

paul westerberg                       making me go                          come feel me tremble

guided by voices                      teenage fbi                               promo compilation for 5 cd box set

diodes                                     tired of waking up tired


diggin' through my vinyl


rezillos                                     (my baby does) good sculptures    can't stand the rezillos

standells                                   sometimes good guys don't wear white


bob dylan                                stuck inside of mobile with the memphis blues again/leopard skin pill box hat

                                                                                               blonde on blonde

adrian belew                            the ideal woman

xtc                                           life begins at the hop                 drums and wires

butthole surfers                        lady sniff                                  psychic...powerless...another man's sac



neil young                                cortez the killer                       

pearl jam                                 leaving home                            home alive

*october crisis                         everyday                                  october crisis

suicidal tendencies                    institutionalized                         suicidal tendencies

doa                                          let's wreck the party                 win the battle


live from the swamp


*blue skies at war                    even if it kills me

*blue skies at war                    a hero dies

*blue skies at war                    better times

*blue skies at war                    constant reminder

*blue skies at war                    no longer here

*blue skies at war                    etched in skin