november 4, 2003


*london band!


song                                        title                                          cd/album


mooney suzuki                         it's showtime part ii                   electric sweat

detroit cobras                          boss lady                                 life love leaving

*bobnoxious                            big cannons                              bobnoxious

against me!                              cliche guevera                          the eternal cowboy

joe strummer/mescaleros          all in a day                               streetcore

strokes                                    the end has no end                   room on fire

*new grand                              hey now                                   new grand

neal pollack invasion                never mind the pollacks            never mind the pollacks

uk subs                                    cid

violent femmes                         country death song                   hallowed ground

*matadors                               let's ride                                   hellblazin'

*matadors                               (unnamed instrumental)             hellblazin'

grandpa boy                            dead man shake                       dead man shake

sonic youth                              star power                               evol

no luck club                             rock guitar                               happiness

jeffrey lewis                             no lsd tonight                           it's the ones who've cracked...

veal                                         everybody wants more             the embattled hearts


fitness                                      phone sex                                call me for together

thrills                                        one horse town                        so much for the city

form of rocket                          and they were young & randy    lumber

*october crisis                         everyday                                  october crisis


mc5                                         sister anne                                high time

alex harvey band                      the mafia stole my guitar           the mafia stole my guitar

tom waits                                 16 shells from a 30-ought 6      swordfishtrombone

blasters                                    roll em pete                              over there - live at the venue

david bowie                             hunky dory                              song for bob dylan

roxy music                               virginia plain                            

lincoln                                      wish you were dead                 lincoln

peter tosh                                johnny b. goode                       best of...

mooney suzuki                         electric sweat                           electric sweat

*matadors                               hellblazin'                                 hellblazin'



Live from the Swamp (heard most Tuesdays after the 5pm news)


*tim e & the yes men               that's alright mama

*tim e & the yes men               burnin' love

*tim e & the yes men               a little less conversation

*tim e & the yes men               rubberneckin'

*tim e & the yes men               one night with you

*tim e & the yes men               viva las vegas

*tim e & the yes men               i got a woman

*tim e & the yes men               evil


constantines                             tank commander