oct 21, 2003


*london band!


artist                                        song                                        cd


the strokes                               the end has no end                   room on fire

exploding hearts                       still crazy                                  exploding hearts

*matadors                               hellblazin'                                 let's ride

rapture                                     echoes                                     echoes

fever                                        ladyfingers                               pink on pink (ep)

pennywise                                from the ashes                          god save the usa

black rebel motorcycle club      generation                                on your own

twilight singers                          blackberry belle                       este noche

lucero                                      that much further west              that much further west

doa                                          world war 3                             war and peace

singles                                      he can you, you can't stay        

joe strummer/mescaleros          get down moses                       streetcore

linton kwesi johnson                 five nights of bleeding               dread beat & blood

patti smith                                gloria

veal                                         circles

rapture                                     house of broken lovers             echoes


Diggin' Thru My Vinyl


tom verlaine                             cry mercy judge                       flashlight

jam                                          going underground                   dig the new breed

wipers                                     nothin' to prove                        sub pop 100

jerry lee lewis                           wild one                                   the wild one

snfu                                         poor poor pitiful me                 it came from the pit

suicide                                     diamonds furcoat champagne   suicide

suicide                                     mr. ray                                     suicide

tom verlaine                             one time at sundown                flashlight


Back to CD's


*dropouts                                horror hotel                              dropouts

hawksley workman                  smoke baby                             lover/fighter


Live from the Swamp (heard most Tuesdays after the 5pm news)


*word of mouth                       sleeping china doll

*word of mouth                       every roe has its thorn

*word of mouth                       wick

*word of mouth                       mistake (instrumental)

*word of mouth                       two done down

*word of mouth                       strings and things