oct 7, 2003


*london band!


artist                                        title                                          cd/album


mudhoney                                mudhoney                                here comes sickness

sylvain sylvain                          trash                                        paper pencil & glue

adrian belew                            the ideal woman                       desire of the rhino king

rapture                                     house of jealous lovers             echoes

*viperscheme                           last kamikaze                           sell the sky

tricky woo                               hot kitty                                   rock and roll music part 1

big star                                    don't lie to me                          big star story

jet                                            are you gonna be my girl          get born                                  

iggy & the stooges                   gimme danger                          raw power

beulah                                      you're only king once               yoko

frank zappa                              dinah-moe humm                     overnite sensation

*bobnoxious                            won't go quietly                        bobnoxious

*osterberg                               sickness

*ten heads                               i see angels                              swimming + singing

*dropouts                                painted moonlite                       dropouts

killing joke                               the death & resurrection show    killing joke


Diggin' Thru My Vinyl


international submarine             folsom prison blues/                 safe at home

    band (feat. gram parsons)     that's alright

undertaken daddies                  skatin' ghost                             it came from canada (comp.)

*sheep look up                        spaghetti western                     sheep look up                         

bauhaus                                                                                  press eject & give me the tape

jesus & mary chain

international submarine             millers cave                              safe at home

    band (feat. gram parsons)

sloan                                        back stabbin'                           action pact

tragically hip                             black day in july                       beautiful - trib to gordon                                                                                                          lightfoot

ravonettes                                that great love sound                chain gang of love

los straightjackets                     san diego shutdown

link wray                                  batman theme

saints                                       i'm stranded                             (i'm) stranded

black rebel motorcycle club      generation                                on your own

hardship post                           reason                                     hack (ep)

sam roberts                              taj mahal                                  we were born in a flame

planet smashers                        mighty                                      retribution

singapore sling                         roadkill                                    curse of singapore sling

lucero                                      that much further west              that much further west

black boot trio                         many young men consider        ponyride

                                                   themselves as cowboys       

green river                               swallow my pride

peaches                                   tombstone, baby                      rehab doll

barmitzvah brothers                  night of the party                      flags & stocks

dropouts                                  loudmouth quiet days               dropouts