sept 30, 2003


artist                                     song title                               cd title


clutch                                    elephant riders                       elephant riders

urge overkill                          the candidate                         supersonic storybook

jet                                         get what you need                 get born

televison                                call mr. lee                            television

jeffrey lewis                           no lsd tonight                         it's the ones who...

tragically hip                          black day in july                    beautiful - tribute to gordon lightfoot

peaches                                tombstome, baby                  fatherfucker

beat happening                      nancy sin                               music to climb the apple tree by

tsar                                       calling all destroyers              tsar

the wrens                              per second second                meadowlands

veal                                       everybody wants more cocaine    the embattled hearts

soundgarden                         flowers                                  ultramega ok

iggy pop                                little electric chair                   skull ring ep

sonic youth                            bull in the heather                  experimental jet set...

soft canyon                           with my back to the sun         broken spirt...

parkas                                  now this is fighting                 wildlife reservations

jersey                                    saturday night                        generation genocide

shawn amos                          southern man                         anti-hit list




stranglers                              waltz in black                        gospel according to the men in black

johnny thunders                     great big kiss                         so alone

cadets                                   stranded in the jungle             cadets meet the jacks

jam                                       beat surrender                       beat surrender ep

television                               friction                                  television

mannfred mann chaper 3       one way glass                        vol 1

stranglers                              just like nothing on earth        gospel according to the men in black


rapture                                  house of jealous lovers          echoes

osterberg                              burn it down

peaches w/ iggy                     kick it                                   fatherfucker

moneen                                 are we really happy...            are we really happy with who we are...

hawksly workman                 lover/fighter                           smoke baby

pure                                      the hammock                        generation 6 pack

veal                                       circles                                   the embattled hearts

titan                                      corazon

soundtrack of our lives          independent luxury                behind the music

kills                                       black rooster                         keep on your mean side

constantines                          tank commander                   shine a light

the heard mentality                pages                                    the heard mentality

big star                                  holocaust                              big star story