january 27, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


buck 65                                   sore                                         talkin' honky blues

primal scream                          kill all hippies                           greatest hits

husker du                                 ice cold ice                              warehouse: songs and stories

hanoi rocks                              obscured                                 twelve shots on the rocks        

mc5                                         ramblin' rose                            mc5

anit-flag                                   postwar breakout                     the terror state

cool jerks                                memphis blues again!               cleaned alot of plates in memphis

mekons                                    i'm so happy                            punk rock

cheeps                                     werewolves                             the cheeps

rancid                                      bloodclot                                 life won't wait

jim guthrie                                so small                                   now, more than ever

unintended                               the collapse                              the unintended

neutron stars                            vampires                                  home's not where the heart is

evaporators                             half empty halls                        ripple rock

monks                                     monk time                                black monk time

sylvain sylvain                          i'm your man                            paper pencil and glue

beastie boys                             bennie and the jets                   anthology

*october crisis                         everyday                                  october crisis

teenage surf invasion                north saskatchewan surf           ralph nader was here

moneyshot                               system check                           night of the living punks

fuzztones                                  charlotte's remains                    in heat

whitecowbell oklahoma            san antone                               cencerro blanco

demics                                     i wanna know                          new york city

sugarcubes                               motorcycle mama                     rubiyat

huevos rancheros                     american sunset                        dig in!

darkness                                  black shuck                             permission to land

sex pistols                                pretty vacant                            never mind the bollocks

giant sand                                bigger than that                        storm

chains                                      loving man                               on top of things

shins                                        turn a square                            chutes too narrow

phantom planet                        first things first                          phantom planet

minds                                       open the door                          plastic girls

dead boys                                hey little girl                              younger, louder, snottier

clumsy lovers                           amen                                       after the flood

*legend killers                          man u gotta go                         legend killers

voodoo glow skulls                  one for the road                       steady as she goes

strokes                                    reptilia                                     room on fire

silverstein                                 smashed into pieces                 when broke is easily fixed

motorhead                               overkill (long version)               best of (double cd)

*design for dying                      justify                                       design for dying

suicidal tendencies                    institutionalized                         suicidal tendencies