february 10, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


blue skies at war                      another hero dies                     you pour the gasoline...

mooney suzuki                         it's showtime part ii                   electric sweat

raveonettes                              that great love sound                chain gang of love

set for stun                               last ditch                                  low grade marvels

woggles                                   people come on                       ragged but right

tito & tarantula                         angry cockroaches                   from dusk till dawn soundtrack

angry agency                            north american greed                the end of an era

deadly snakes                          oh my bride                             ode to joy

tricky woo                               altamont raven                         sometimes i cry

les tabernacles                         born ready                               born ready

kills                                          black rooster                           keep on your mean side

phantom planet                        1st things 1st                            phantom planet

wire                                         nice streets above                    send

fever                                        ladyfinger                                 pink on pink (ep)

new york dolls                         personality crisis

tool                                          stinkfist

minds                                       open the door                          plastic girls

fu manch                                  king of the road                        go for it...live!

october crisis                           pcb's                                       october crisis

c'mon                                      underneath the xray                  demo

doa                                          world war 3                             25th anniversary

nfg                                           hyjack

rezillos                                     no                                            can't stand the rezillos

rezillos                                     somebody's gonna get their      can't stand the rezillos

                                                  head kicked in tonight

ross daily                                 don't want you around              7"

condo christ                             weekend alcoholic                   chrw compilation

sheep look up                          sphagetti western                    

demics                                     new york city                           talks cheap

vibrators                                  keep it clean                            pure mania

spoon                                      back to the life                         kill the moonlight