february 17, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


subhumans                               this years war                           live in a dive

poster children                         the leader                                 no more songs about sleep and fire

descendents                             merican                                    cool to be you

meat puppets                           new leaf                                   classic puppets

undertones                               you've got my number              best of

angry agency                            life i wanted                             the end of an era

fu manchu                                the action is go                         evil eye

pixies                                       trompe le monde                      planet of sound

lou reed                                   sick of you                               new york

bellrays                                    crazy water                              the light of the sun

nebula                                      atomic ritual                             atomic ritual


diggin' thru Jeffrey's vinyl (Jeffrey is lead singer of Ten Heads)


63 monroe                               anarchy boys                           animals fight back

nina hagen                                wau wah                                  unbehagen

good news foundation              i'm calling it acoustic and hanging it up     thanks skye

crass                                        systematic death                       penis envy

clash                                        armagideon time                       black market clash

stranglers                                 bring on the nubiles                  no more heroes

stiff little fingers                        suspect device                         nobody's heroes

conning tower                          indian dancing                          7"

bad brains                                i & i survive                             rock for light

damned                                   smash it up                               7"

gang of four                             to hell w/ poverty                     12"

angelic upstarts                        last night another soldier          

cockney rejects                        we can do anything

1000 screaming apaches          just another war

crash 80's                                2+2


end of diggin' thru Jeffrey's vinyl


tangiers                                    ca va cool


the 5:10 with ten heads


ten heads                                 the new life                              live in the swamp

ten heads                                 hi flying spice rack                    live in the swamp

ten heads                                 pane of glass                            live in the swamp

ten heads                                 revival                                      live in the swamp

ten heads                                 motel                                       live in the swamp


end of the 5:10 with ten heads


angry agency                            north american greed                the end of an era

bobnoxious                              big cannons                              bobnoxious

ruth's hat                                  rock and/or roll                        hitch hikers guide to rock & roll

sylvain sylvain                          trash                                        paper pencil & glue

joel plaskett emergency            mystery & crime                      truthfully truthfully

john cale                                  paris 1919                               fragments of a rainy season