february 24, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        title                                          cd/album


treepeople                               big mouth strikes again             something vicious for tomorrow

black keys                               the moan                                  the moan (ep)

television                                  marquee moon                         marquee moon

ok lucky                                  sharp cat                                  cheap thrills (ep)

ponys                                      looking out a mirror                  laced with romance

lohi                                          dig thru                                    say it more

stills                                         love + death                             logic will break your heart

controller.controller                  history                                     history

queen                                      get down make love                 news of the world

*viperscheme                           last kamikaze                           sell the sky

new amsterdams                      when we two parted                never you mind

rascals                                     come on up                              anthology

ponys                                      fall inn                                      loaded with romance

those peabodys                        what's up turbo                        unite tonight

*caveman                                vanity                                       vanity ep

new york dolls                         (there's gonna be a) showdown    too much too soon

dirty dozen brass band             flintstones meet the president    live montreau

                                                  (meet the dirty dozen)

fugs                                         marijuana

marianne faithful                       why'd you do it

cramps                                    goo goo muck                          bad music for bad people

richard hell and the voidoids     betrayal takes two                    blank generation

suicide                                     shadazz                                    suicide

john cale                                  hello there                                vintage violence

sigue sigue sputnik                    orgasm                                    dress for success

charms                                     the wish song                           so pretty

tricky woo                               the claw                                   rock n roll music part 1

starvin' hungry                          (i ain't no) flower

*hurray for us                          wtf

c'mon                                      deliver yr desire                       3 song demo

ok lucky                                  let it go                                    cheap thrills

*ruth's hat                                you're the one for me

jets overhead                           mirror mirror                            jets overhead

nebula                                      carpe diem                               atomic ritual

pattern                                     fragile awareness                      real feelness

dim stars                                  downtown at dawn                  dim stars

tav falco's panther burns           pass the hatchet                       the world we knew

joel plaskett emergency            mystery and crime                    truthfully truthfully

matt masters and the gentlemen of the rodeo     rubberhead      byop-stompin' tom tribute