march 9, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song                                        cd


elvis costello                            goon squad                              armed forces

phantom planet                        the happy ending                      phantom planet

white cowbell oklahoma           san antone                               cencero

waking eyes                             get up easy                              3 song demo

mekons                                    i'm so happy                            punk rock

paw                                         jessie                                       dragline

patti smith                                gloria                                       horses

vagiants                                   alright                                      live version from "turn it around" single

veal                                         everybody wants more cocaine     embattled hearts

casualties                                 unknown soldier                       on the front line

controller.controller                  history                                     history

denise james                            it's not enough to love again      it's not enough to love again

the walkmen                            bows + arrows                        the rat

probot                                     probot                                     red war

*design for dying                      justify                                       4 song demo

grandaddy                               the sophtware slump                he's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot


diggin' thru my vinyl (weekly feature)


count five                                 out in the street                        psychotic reaction

modern lovers                          old world                                 the modern lovers

brogues                                   i ain't no miracle worker           nuggets vol 6, part 2

gruesomes                               what's your problem?               it came from canada, vol ii

adrien belew                            i'm down                                  twang bar king

shadows of knight                    oh yeah                                    nuggets vol 6, part 2

television                                  elevation                                  television

electric prunes                          get me to the world on time      electric prunes


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c'mon                                      deliver yr desire                       3 song demo

matadors                                 evil eye                                    zombie night in canada

giant sand                                town where no town belongs    storm


the 5:10 - live in the swamp


*fathoms                                  waking up the dead                  live in the swamp

*fathoms                                  love and death                         live in the swamp

*fathoms                                  small fires                                 live in the swamp

*fathoms                                  drugstore hero                         live in the swamp

*fathoms                                  at 20                                        live in the swamp

*fathoms                                  real cool time                           live in the swamp


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alexisonfire                               sharks and damage