march 30, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


blasters                                    long white cadillac                    testament

maximum rnr                            southern comfort                      maximum rnr

clutch                                       regulator                                  blast tyrant

nerd                                         thrasher                                   fly or die

casualties                                 unknown soldier                       on the front line

stills                                         love & death                            logic will break your heart

ponys                                      let's kill ourselves                     laced with romance

sex pistols                                no feelings                                never mind the bollocks

dead boys                                sonic reducer                           younger, louder, snottier

walkmen                                  the rat                                      bows and arrows

controller.controller                  history                                     history

alexisonfire                               sharks and danger                    cd single

*blueskiesatwar                       another hero dies                     you pour the gasoline...

crash kelly                               she gets away                          penny pills

slint                                          breadcrumbtrail                        spiderland

nekromantix                             dead moanwalking                  

johnny cash                              cocaine blues                           live in folsom prison

chris houston                            surfin' on heroin                        evil twang

smugglers                                 pirate ships                              mutiny in stereo


diggin' thru my vinyl - special version with Dave O'Halloran of What Wave magazine until 6pm (some cassettes, some cd,                                                                                                mostly vinyl)


gruesomes                               what wave theme

*63 monroe                             hyjack victim                            live from cassette

*63 monroe                             at the boot                               live from cassette

*jane doe                                there's a guy down the chip      what wave 7"

                                                  swears he's elvis

*flying squad                            fie on you                                 what wave 7"

*legend killers                          cry cry cry                               what wave 7"

*boy from nowhere                  teenage head                           

*boy from nowhere                  heartful of soul

chickens                                  room on fire

uic                                           leave me alone

the chesires                              shake your money maker

teenage head                            top down                                 7"

poisoned areos                        sweet sparks                            turbulence

real kids                                   all kinda girls                            real kids

*uranus                                    53 buick                                  you're so square

platinium blond                         hey hey you                             single

dictators                                  who will save rnr                     

fleshtones                                 the dreg

cramps                                    drug train