april 6, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


ween                                       push th' little daisies                  pure guava

twitch                                      contort yourself                        dread meets disco rocker downtown

dynamite brothers                    bus stop                                   clap along with the dynamite brothers

wayne kraver                           bad seed                                  the hard stuff

miniatures                                dragon fly                                coma kid

clutch                                       regulator                                  blast tyrant

hiss                                          panic movement                       back on the radio

modest mouse                          float on                                    good news for people who like bad news

premiums                                 white lightning                          recognizer

fifth hour hero                          everything i won't miss              hurt my business

waking eyes                             watch your money                    demos

*bobnoxious                            rock and roll                            bobnoxious

ponys                                      fall inn                                      laced with romance

killers                                       somebody told me                   hot fuss                                   

stills                                         allison krausse                          logic will break your heart

interpol                                    pda                                          interpol ep

queens of the stone age            feel good hit of the summer       r

motorhead                               bomber                                    no remorse


diggin' thru my vinyl starts


cynics                                      last time around                        rock n roll

cynics                                      on the run                                blues train station

cynics                                      yeah!                                       twelve flights up

strangerler                                nuclear device                          iv

joy division                              dead souls                               still

joy division                              transmission                             still

celtic frost                                mexican radio                          into the pandemonium


diggin' thru my vinyl ends


*seeking dawn                         let's pretend that i'm for real     

controller.controller                  disco blackout                         history

unintended                               the collapse                              the unintended

clash                                        overpowered by funk               combat rock

vagiants                                   turn it around                           single

maximum rnr                            stormfront                                maximum rnr

nekromentix                             moon chaser                            dead girls don't cry

*dropouts                                bored stiff                                the dropouts

veal                                         everybody wants more cocaine   embattled hearts

ok lucky                                  sharp cat                                  cheap thrills

jets overhead                           mirror mirror                            jets overhead ep

alexisonfire                               sharks and danger                    cd single