april 9, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


crystal method                         born to slow                            legion of boom

ladytron                                   light & magic                            light & magic

john cale                                  fear (is a man's best friend)       fragments of a rainy season

the dynamite brothers               bus stop                                   clap along with...

jesus & the devil                      portland                                   destructive music resists the oncoming light

mooney suzuki                         it's not easy                              electric sweat

waking eyes                             but i already have it                  demos

who                                         daddy rolling stone                   my generation (remastered)

modest mouse                          float on                                    good news for people who love bad news

stills                                         love & death                            logic will break your heart

walkmen                                  the rat                                      bows and arrows

dead kennedys                         i fought the law                        

eddie & the hot rods                teenage depression

smugglers                                 haunt me                                  mutiny in stereo

vagiants                                   alright (live)                              cd single

modest mouse                          tiny cities made of ashes           the moon and antartica

stills                                         ready for it                               logic will break your heart

bob mould                               one good reason                      black sheets of rain

chains                                      disappearing man                     on top of things

matt mays                                city of lakes                             matt mays

eleventh dream day                  testify                                       beet

gun club                                   for the love of ivy                     fire of love

lost prophets                            burn, burn                                start something

*blue skies at war                    constant reminder                     you pour the gasoline, i'll light the match

maximum rnr                            southern comfort                      maximum rnr

snfu                                         a bomb                                    something green and leafy this way comes

phantom planet                        big brat                                    phantom planet

miniatures                                detached songwriter                 live at the swamp

miniatures                                coma kid                                 live at the swamp

miniatures                                dragon fly                                live at the swamp

miniatures                                space and time                         live at the swamp

miniatures                                scenery art                               live at the swamp

miniatures                                guts                                         live at the swamp

superchunk                              girl u want

descendents                             mass nerder                             cool to be you

vandals                                    join us for pong                        fear of a punk planet

breakup society                       robin zander                             james at 35