april 14, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


turbonegro                               blizzard of flames/wipe it          scandinavian leather

                                                  'till it bleeds

motorhead                               we are the roadcrew               

supersuckers                            evil powers of rock and roll      evil powers of rock and roll

glucifer                                     good times used to kill me        automatic thrill

toots & the maytalls                 funky kingston                          true love

modest mouse                          float on                                    good news for people who love bad news

controller controller                  disco blackout                         history

lucky bastards                          dead end                                 peter pan speedrock

sons of freedom                       the criminal                              sons of freedom

franz ferdinand                         this fire                                     franz ferdinand

kings of leon                            joe's head                                youth and young manhood

exploding hearts                       throwaway style                       guitar romance

dickies                                     whack the dalai lama                all this & puppet stew

hellacopters                             by the grace of god                  by the grace of god

*matadors                               let's ride                                   hellblazin'

maximum rnr                            stormfront                                maximum rnr

paul kelly                                 gunnmatta                                ways and means

cuff the duke                            blackheart                                life stories for minimum wage

chickens                                  unprofessional                          bring it on


"digging thru my vinyl" feature begins


elvisy presley                           mystery train

eddie cochrane                        nervous breakdown                

johnny thunders                        do you love me

pretty things                             defecting grey

booker t & the mgs                  green onions

ov wright                                 afflicted

johnny clyde copeland              night time is the right time

albert king                                call my job                               masterworks


"digging thru my vinyl" feature ends


descendents                             mass nerder                             cool to be you

*blues skies at war                   better time                               you pour the gasoline, i'll light the match

smugglers                                 rock the shanker                      mutiny in stereo

urban surf king                         mr world                                  surf vs the flying saucer

urban surf king                         radar range                              surf vs the flying saucer

andrew vincent & the pirates    martha

clutch                                       promoter                                 blast tyrant

clutch                                       regulator                                  blast tyrant

*trole                                       poor man's river                       demos

waking eyes                             watch your money                    demos

c'mon                                      deliver yr desire

*ten heads                               push                                        "live at the swamp"

matt masters & the gentlemen   rubberhead                              byop

   of the rodeo

jeffie genetic and his clones       need a wave                            need a wave