april 27, 2004


*london band!


artist                                       song title                                 cd title


stranglers                                bitchin’                                   no more heros

lost prophets                           burn burn                                start something

chickens                                  heart that bleeds                     bring it on

waking eyes                            watch your money                   demos

breakup society                      she doesn’t know that…         jame at 35

sleepy Jackson                        rain falls for wind                  lovers

10cc                                        dreadlock holiday                   snatch soundtrack

clutch                                      promoter                                 blast tyrant

gluecifer                                 here comes the pigs                automatic thrill

rapture                                    house of broken lovers           echoes

no means no                            I cant’s stop talking                the peoples choice

standard                                  metropolitan                           wire post to wire

x                                             soul kitchen                            los angeles

lucky bastards                         go satan go                              peter pan speedrock

angry agency                           north American greed             the end of an era

*bobnoxious                           I won’t go quietly                   bobonoxious

rancid                                     hooligans                                life won’t wait

peaches                                   kick it                                     father fucker

crash kelly                              she gets away                         penny pills

stills                                       love and death                        logic will break your heart


diggin’ thru my vinyl begins


hugh montenegro                     good, the bad and the ugly      soundtrack

merle haggard                         my rough and rowdy ways      lonesome fugitive

pirates                                    peter gunn                               out of their skulls

pirates                                    lonesome train                        out of their skulls

jam                                         dreams of children                  dig the new breed

jam                                         that’s entertainment                 dig the new breed

blondie                                   youth nabbed as a sniper        plastic letters

suffer machine                        no faith in the law                   deprogram\

kinks                                       add it up                                 give the people what they want


diggin’ thru my vinyl ends


randy newman                        political science                     sail away

Interpol                                   say hello to the angels            turn on the bright lights

alexisonfire                            sharks and danger

unintended                              the collapse                            the unintended

miniatures                               space + time                           “live from the swamp”

smuggles                                 larry                                        mutiny in stereo

urban surf kings                      zombie road trip

vagiants                                  turn it around                          single

twilight circus                        the groove                               dub from the secret vaults

maximum rnr                           stormfront                               maximum rnr (ep)

flipper                                    flipper twist                            American grafishy

franz Ferdinand                      40ft                                         ff