may 4, 2004 – 3pm-6pm  with Dave O’Halloran


*london band!


artist                                       song title                                 cd title


*demics                                  the 400 blows                         demics

clutch                                      the yeti                                    the elephant riders

division of laura lee               we are numbers                      das not compute

vibrators                                 baby baby                              

*ten heads                               you clean me up                      swimming and singing

*legend killers                        ripping it up                            rattlesnake bar

beta band                                assessment                              heros to zeros

thunderclap newman               wild country                           hollywood dream

tav falco’s panther burns        pass the hatchet                       the world we knew

supersuckers                           shake it off                              how we rock

no means no                            can’t stop talking                    the people’s choice

wayne kramer                         the slime that ate cleveland    adult world

interpol                                   untitled                                   turn on the bright lights

replacements                          achin’ to be

cool jerks                               memphis blues again              cleaned a lot of plates in memphis

gaza strippers                         brainwasher                            laced candy

motorhead                               killed by death                       

clash                                       magnificent 7                          sandinista


from here until 6pm Dave O’Halloran was picking most tunes – google “what wave”…


creatures                                 acid test                                  thee cave comes alive

ugly ducklings                         nothing                                    ugly ducklings

*hippies                                  nuclear disaster                     

*flying squad                          health food                              mr garager

secret v’s                                rosse rosse                             no life like it

florida razors                          new york city                         

painted ship                            little white lies                       history or vancouver r&r

*bobcats                                 bop-a-lena                             

worst                                      you’ve been laughing              creepy thing

ray condo                                lonely wolf                             hot n’ cold

ray condo                                who’s baby are you…            crazy date                              

ray condo                                blast off                                  condo country

ray condo                                rockin’ record hop                  swing brother swing

ben vaughn                              my first band

dundrells                                nothing on tv

*boy from nowhere                 burin’ love

*boy from nowhere                 it’s my pride

swingin’ neckbreakers            puttin’ up a fence                    return of rock

crash kills 5                            what do you do at night          

cynics                                     painted my heart

*legend killers                        you’ll get yours

mourning reign                        satisfaction guarenteed