may 4, 2004 – 9am-11am


*london band!


artist                                       song title                                 cd title


walkmen                                 the rat                                     bows and arrows

happy Mondays                      holiday                                   pills, thrills and bellyaches

stills                                       logic will break your hearts   still in love song

no means no                            rags n bones                            the people’s choice

modest mouse                         float on                                   good news for people who like bad news

gary jules                                mad world                              trading snakeoil for wolftickets

killers                                     somebody told me                  somebody told me (ep)

gluecifer                                 the good times used to kill me   automatic thrill

dexter romweber                    blues that defy my soul           blues that defy my soul

premiums                                all over the world                   recognizer

the organ                                 brother                                    grab that gun

breakup society                      robin zander                           james at 35

mission of burma                    the setup                                 onoffon

ambulance ltd                         primitive (the way I treat you)   ambulance ltd

minus 5                                   dr evil – doctor of evil           in rock

guided by voices                    hot freaks

tv on the radio                        staring at the sun                     desperate youth…

clutch                                      swollen goat                           blast tyrant

muse                                       time is running out                  absolution

controller.controller               disco blackout                        history

floor                                       drown inside                          autonomy off / on

fifth hour hero                         everything I won’t miss          you have…

smugglers                               get up syndrome                      mutiny in stereo

chickens                                  heart that bleeds                     bring it on!

*bobnoxious                           big cannons                             bobnoxious

turbonegro                              age of pamparius                   apocalypse dudes