may 11, 2004


*london band!


artist                                               song title                                               cd title


fleshtones                                               ten dollars more                                               solid gold sound

clutch                                               regulator                                               blast tyrant

probot                                               silent spring

*sfh                                               don’t feed the bears                                               all you can eat

mc5                                               sister anne                                               high time

morrissey                                               irish blood, english heart                                               morrissey

killers                                               somebody told me                                               somebody told me (ep)

secret machines                                               sad + lonely                                               now here is nowhere

mooney suzuki                                               it’s showtime part ii                                               electric sweat

teenage head                                               sheila scarf                                               some kinda fun

voivod                                               astronimy domine                                               nothingface

turbonegro                                               get it on                                               apocalypse dudes

*blue skies at war                                               another hero dies                                               you pour the gasoline, I’ll light the match

walkmen                                               the rat                                               bows + arrows

waking eyes                                               but I already have it                                               demos

*demics                                               I won’t see you no more                                               demics

chickens                                               heart that bleeds                                               bring it on


diggin’ thru my vinyl begins


sheep look up                                               spaghetti western                                              

rem                                               driver 8

scientists                                               solid gold hell                                               this heart doesn’t run on blood…

iggy and the stooges                                               gimme danger                                               raw power

rezillos                                               no                                               can’t stand the rezillos

condo christ                                               weekend alcoholic                                               chrw compilation

bo diddley                                               who do you love                                               got my own bag o tricks


diggin’ through my vinyl ends


wildhearts                                               putting it on                                               riff after riff

maximum rnr                                               stormfront                                               maximum rnr (ep)

l’attack                                               no light left                                               before we were millionaires

hint hint                                               natural collegiate                                               young days

rusty                                               let’s break robert out of jail                                               out of their heads

murder city devils                                               I want a lot no (some come on)    empty bottles, broken hearts

beta band                                               simple                                               from heros to zeros

linton kwesi johnson                                               five nights of bleeding                                               dead beat and blood

stills                                               love + death                                               logic will break your heart

no means no                                               now                                               the people’s choice

secret machines                                               first wave intact                                               now here is nowhere

rockmaster general                                               double a                                               rockmaster general

division of laura lee                                               dirty love                                               das not compute

*demics                                               the 400 blows                                               demics