may 18, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


waking eyes                             watch your money                    demos

young heart attack                    mouthful of love                       mouthful of love

maximum rnr                            stormfront                                maximum rnr

marble index                            i believe                                   4 song sampler

another blue door                     american guitar                         hauler

ambulance ltd                           primitive (the way i treat u)       lp

loretta lynn                               portland oregon                       van lear rose

hint, hint                                   senator blues                            young days

standard                                  metropolitan                             wire post to wire

uncut                                       understanding the new violence     those who were hung hang here

streets                                      fit but you know it                    a grand don't come for free

steriogram                                walkie talkie man                     schmack!

no means no                            i can't stop talking                    the people's choice

organ                                       sinking hearts                           grab that gun

by divine right                          soul shakedown party              hybrid tv genii

chickens                                  heart that bleeds                       bring it on

division of laura lee                   dirty love                                 das not compute

urban surf kings                        radar range                              surf vs the flying saucer

of montreal                              climb that ladder                      satanic panic in the attic

beta band                                aassessment                             heros to zeros


diggin' thru my vinyl feature begins


gil scott-heron                          the revolution will not be televised   the revolution will not be televised  

buzzcocks                                why can i touch it                     singles going steady

rough trade                              all touch                                   for those who think yung

jerry lee lewis                           hi-heel sneakers                       greatest hits

t-rex                                        telegram sam                            cosmic dancer

modern lovers                          roadrunner                               modern lovers

gil scott-heron                          the revolution will not be televised   whitey on the moon


diggin' thru my vinyl feature ends


morrisey                                  irish blood, english heart

your enemies friends                 the one condition                      you are being videotaped

secret machines                        sad + lonely                             no here is nowhere

scissor sisters                           comfortably numb                    scissor sisters

controller.controller                  history                                     history

destroyer                                 it's gonna take an airplane         your blues

*legend killers                          rippin' it up                               rattlesnake bar

mission of burma                      wounded world                        onoffon

spoon                                      stay don't go                            kill the moonlight

turbonegro                               humiliation street                      apocalypse dudes

illuminati                                   wingspan                                 the illuminati

smacks                                    firecracker                               don't move