june 1, 2004 - 3pm-6pm


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


deadly snakes                          oh my bride                             ode to joy

dirtbombs                                motor city baby                        dangerous magical noise

undertones                               my perfect cousin                     greatest hits

scissor sisters                           comfortably numb                    scissor sisters

walkmen                                  the rat                                      bows + arrows

viperscheme                             mission statement                     sell the sky

lou reed                                   dirty blvd                                 new york

cherry vallance                         world of trouble                       riffin

ac/dc                                       dirty eyes                                 box set

young heart attack                    mouthful of love                       mouthful of love

legend killers                            rattlesnake beer                       rattlesnake beer

waking eyes                             but i already have it                  demos

tangiers                                    love rackets                             never bring you pleasure

unicorns                                   2014                                       single

chickens                                  kids don't dig it                        bring it on

dictators                                  i live for care + girls                  it came from the garage

rum runners                              association                               association

sex pistols                                submission                               never mind the bollocks

joey ramone                             what a wonderful world            it came from the garage

wildhearts                                lake of piss                              riff after riff

ten heads                                 push                                        live in the swamp

chesterfield kings                      i don't understand                     it came from the garage

organ                                       i am not surprised                     grab that gun

mr airplane                               very bad feeling                        moanin'

blasters                                    common man                           complete slash recordings

ian hunter                                 still love rock n roll                   rant

sleepy jackon                           rain falls for the wind                lovers

division of laura lee                   breathe breathe                        das not compute

lou reed                                   i'm so free                                transformer

caveman                                  money                                     vices

candidates                               step back                                 fame, fortune, free drinks

monks                                     monk time                                black monk time

mission of burma                      wounded world                        onoffon

paul revere & the raiders          steppin' stone                           it came from the garage

smugglers                                 haunt me                                  mutiny in stereo

floor                                        drown inside                            autonomy off/on

morrissey                                 irish blood, english heart           you are the quarry

dirtbombs                                don't break my heart                dangerous magical noise

deadly snakes                          there goes your corpse again    ode to joy

no means no                            i can't stop talking                    people's choice

constantines                             dirty business                           modern sinner ep

muse                                        sing for absolution                    absolution