june 22, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


burning brides                          heart full of black                     leave no ashes

john wilkes booth                     yoko save rock and roll            5 pillars of soul

chickens                                  room on fire                             bring it on!

chesterfield kinds                     i don't understand                     it came from the grave

bad religion                              sinister rouge                            the empire strikes first

actionslacks                             this damn nation                       full upright position

the stills                                    love and death                         logic will break your heart

hells                                         time killer                                 the hells

les mods                                  my pride                                  bang sister bang

pleasure club                            hey! hey! hey!                          triumph

alexisonfire                               accidents                                 watch out

shotgun rules                            see ya later, thomas the carbourator    estimated time of arrival

lars frederickson & the bastards    1%                                     the viking

hunns                                       love & hate                              long legs

dudes                                      mendoza line (whoa caroline)   beepuncher ep

tangiers                                    spine to necklace                     never bring you pleasure


diggin' thru my vinyl


fugs                                         i couldn't get high                     golden filth

frank zappa                              camarillo brillo                         overnite sensation

haunted                                    shake                                       return from the grave

ike turner and kings of rhythm   talking about me                       vol 2

xtc                                           living thru another cuba             life in the european theatre

flying burrito brothers               tonight the bottle let me down   dim lights thick smoke loude music

haunted                                    1-2-5                                      return from the grave

pink grease                              this is for real                           the pink GREASE

scissor sisters                           tits on the radio                        scissor sisters

jeffie genetic and his clones       need a wave                            need a wave

from first to last                        the one armed boxer vs the      diary dear, my teen angst has a body count

                                                   flying guillotine

burning brides                          century song                            leave no ashes

tijuana bibles                            wheelchair werewolf                fist of fury

no means no                            it's catching up                         the people's choice

rock'n                                      rock'n                                      rock'n

ex girls                                     hettakorii no ottokotou             endangered species

sixtoo                                      boxcutter emporium part 2       chewing on glass

fancey                                      carry me                                  fancey