july 6, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


urge overkill                             the candidate                           supersonic storybook

clutch                                       the yeti                                     elephant riders

southern culture on the skids     doublewide                              mojo box

big star                                    in the street                              #1 record

les mods                                  my pride                                  bang sister bang

no means no                            i can't stop talking                    the people's choice

dead meadow                          good moanin'                           shivering kins and otheres

bad religion                              atomic garden                          generator

*shotgun rules                          estimated time of arrival            see you later, thomas the carborator

turbonegro                               blizzard of flames/wipe it til it bleeds     scandinavian leather

black sabbath                          sabbath bloody sabbath           sabbath bloody sabbath

tijuana bibles                            mexican courage                      fists of fury

dead moon                              fire in the western world           strange pray tell

hunns                                       war of the world                      long legs

maximum rnr                            southern comfort                      maximum rnr

maximum rnr                            switchblade                              maximum rnr

dead meadow                          i love you too                           shivering king and others

black boot trio                         many young men consider        pony ride

                                                  themselves cowboys

new york dolls                         bad girls                                   new york dolls

replacements                            alex chilton                               pleased to meet me

rock'n                                      lightning bolt                             rock'n

chickens                                  kids don't dig it                        bring it on

forty fives                                 who do your think your are      high life high volume

ministry                                    waiting                                     house of the mole′

*design for dying                      justify                                       design for dying

controller controller                  history                                     history

*chinese jetpilot                       ku's revenge                             CJP EP LP

was (not was)                          the party broke up                   born to laugh to at tornados

byrds                                       drug store truck drivin' man      dr byrds and mr hyde

moby grape                             hey grandma                            moby grape

buffalo springfield                     sit down i think i love you         greatest hits

van morrison                            beside you                               astral weeks

velvet underground                   we're gonna have a real good   another view

                                                  time together