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*london band!


artist                                                  song title                                            cd title


happy mondays                                 holidays                                             pills, thrills & bellyaches

gaza strippers                                    medicine man                                    laced candy

the cinch                                            forwards and backwards                   shake if you got it

the forty fives                                     daddy roling stone                             high life, high volume

young heart attack                             misty rowe                                        mouthful of love

ac/dc                                                 jailbreak                                            jailbreak 74

*the caveman                                    money                                               vices ep

atomic 7                                            wreck of the dick family weiner boat  en hillbilly caliente

fun manch                                          evil eye                                              go for it live

polyphonic spree                               suitcase calling                                   together we’re heavy

suicide                                               shadazz                                             suicide

tangiers                                             energy jaws                                       never bring you pleasure

cool jerks                                          man and a woman                             cleaned alot of plates in memphis

tijuana bibles                                     wheelchair werewolf                          fists of fury

les mods                                            my pride                                            bang sister bang

starlite desperation                             the thing                                            violate a sundae

jim hendrix                                        still raining still dreaming                     greatest hits

deja voodoo                                      too cool to live, to smart to die           too cool to live, to smart to die

gang of four                                       damaged goods                                 entertainment

brian eno/david byrne                        help me somebody                            my life in the bush of ghosts

the clash                                            radio clash                                         radio clash ep

david bowie                                      panic in detroit                                   alladdin sane

hawkwind                                         space is deep                                    roadhawks

bo diddley                                         whoa, mule                                        got my own bag of tricks

*constantines                                     dirty business                                     modern nervous sinner ep

alexisonfire                                        accidents                                           watch out!

*shotgun rules                                   seeya later, thomas the carburator      estimated time of arrival

chickens                                            kids don’t dig it                                 bring it on!

dexter romweber                               blues that defy my soul                       blues that defy my soul

despistado                                         bubbles                                             emergency response

despistado                                         hi/fi stereo                                         emergency response

tom verlaine                                       breakin’ in my heart                           tom verlaine

the walkmen                                      the rat                                               bows + arrows

the chickens                                      unprofessional                                   bring it on!

the thrills                                            one horse town                                  so much for the city

mission of burma                               the setup                                           onoffon