August 17, 2004 3pm-6pm - The Swamp 94.9 CHRW Grant Stein


*london band!


artist song title cd title


hives two-timing touch and broken bones tyrannosaurus hives

iggy pop girls new values

paybacks me harder and harder

the walkmen the rat bows + arrows

high dials fielsds in glass fields in glass ep

tangiers energy jaws never bring you pleasure

get up kids suffragette city eudora

turbonegro the blizzard of flames scandinavian leather

turbonegro wipe it till it bleeds scandinavian leather

burning brides to kill a swan leave no ashes

gestures run run run nuggets box set

barbarians are you a boy or a girl the barbarians

mouse + the traps maid of sugar/maid of spice nuggets box set

minus 5 dr evil: doctor of evil the minus 5 in rock

golliwogs fight free nubbests box set

the caveman money vanity ep

tijuana dolls wheelchair werewolf fists of fury

smugglers larry mutiny in stereo

the cinch mystery train shake if you got it

sons of freedonm dead dog on the highway sons of freedom

demics new yourk city demiscs

anysly dunbar retaliiation the fugitive doctor dunbars prescription

frezillos good scuplputres cant stand the rizollos

fishbone freddies dead truth + soul

spencer davis group waltz for lulmumba greatest hits

sex pistols submissino never mind the bollucks

suffer machine no faith in the law deprogram

the marble index missing file the marble index

controller.controller history history

jr. gone wild annie get your gun pull the goalie

the sadies numberland west favourite colours

atomic 7 flying bomb en hillbilly caliente

the fourty fives who do you think you are high life, high volume

vandals lord of the dance punk rock is your friend 5 (kung fu records sampler)

the hunns time has come today long legs

motorhead overkill best of...

cypress hill hits from the bong black Sunday

the chickens room on fire bring it on!

roxy music in every dreamhome a heartache viva!