August 19, 2004 9am-11am - Wake Up Western 94.9 CHRW Grant Stein


*london band!


artist song title cd title


pixies the happening bossanova

rolling blackouts up up up black is beautiful

viperscheme last kamikaze viperscheme

cake sheep go to heaven prolonging the magic

sean mcdonald god parasites + kings

eric matthews my morning parade the lateness of the hour

twilight singers too tough to die she loves you

beastie boys triple trouble to the 5 boroughs

titan the future elevator

high dials fields in glass fields in glass ep

hives antidote tyrannosauras hives

el centro no denial prohibido

the hells time killers the hells

hint hint natural collegiate young days

tangiers spine to necklace never bring your pleasure

minds plastic girls hot

alexisonfire accidents watch out!

demics the 400 blows demics

blue skies at war another hero dies your pour the gasoline, ill light the match

actionslacks full upright position this damn nation

buzzcocks why cant i touch it singles going steady

gin palace too much for you kill-grief

atomic 7 wreck of the dick family wiener boat en hillbilly caliente

diodes tired of waking up tired tired of waking up tired

the marble index missing file the marble index

lowest of the low bleed awhile tonight shakespeare my butt