August 31, 20043pm-6pm -  The Swamp – 94.9 CHRW – Grant Stein


*london band!


artist                                                  song title                                            cd title


hellacopters                                       a house is not a motel                        cream of the crap 2

gibby haynes & his problem               stop foolin                                        gibby haynes & his problem

the chickens                                      lucy goosey                                       bring it on!

paybacks                                          when i’m gone                                   harder and harder

the grifters                                         blood thirsty lovers                            full blown possession

clinic                                                 county mile                                        winchester cathedral

new york dolls                                   stranded in the jungle                         too much too soon

*bobnoxious                                     big cannons                                       bobnoxious

statues                                               caught                                               aux

guided by voices                                the closets of henry                            half smiles...

the cinch                                            mystery train                                      shake if you got it

husker du                                          ice cold ice                                        warehouse

big star                                              o my soul                                          radio city

guitar wolf                                         demon card                                       love pack

*wallace billy                                     i am the movie                                   in the last of the rebel music

bob dylan                                          subterranean homesick blues              it came from the garage (compilation)

todd kerns                                         probable cause                                  go time!

ambulance ltd                                    primitive                                            oweek 2004 cd

rascals                                               come on up                                       anthology

mr. airplane man                                commit a crime                                  moanin

elizabeth                                            caspian                                              blick a (ep)

the avalanches                                   radio                                                 since i left your

feelies                                                find a way                                         time for a witness

sadies                                                translucent sparrow                           favourite colours

sean macdonald                                 obsolescence                                     parasites + kings

undertones                                        get over you                                      get over you

the tub ring                                        the promise keeper                            zoo hypothesis

rush                                                   summertime blues

eddie cochrane                                  something else                                   legendary masters

nomeansno                                        it’s catching up                                  the people’s choice

the marble index                                a lot of these things                            oweek 2004 cd

gary jules                                           mad world                                         trading snake oil for wolftickets

tijuana bibles                                     wheelchair werewolf                          fists of fury

alexisonfire                                        accidents                                           watch out!

rolling blackouts                                up up up                                            black is beautiful

high dials                                           fields in glass                                     fields in glass ep

the girls                                             she’s hysterical                                  the girls

*boy from nowhere                           heartful of soul                                   thee cave comes alive

*the legend killers                              cry cry cry                                         thee cave comes alive

tripping daisy                                     sonic bloom                                       jesus hits like the atomic bomb