October 12, 2004 - 3pm-6pm - The Swamp 94.9 CHRW Grant Stein - chrwpd@uwo.ca


Nick Perry joined me on this show and we talked about London's punk/rock history and played tracks from "the demics covers" CD which he had a hand in back in '98 - you can buy that CD for $10 by calling him at 433-4416 or check out stores like...Speed City Records, Dr. Disc or Grooves...


*london band!


artist song title cd title


*osterberg i wanna know the demics covers

the dragons whoa yeah rock n roll kamikaze

th' losin streaks your love, now sounds of violence

*grayline neutron bomb the demics covers

*grayline cowboys are fags the demics covers

le tigre on the verge talk's cheap

*demics new york city talks cheap ep

*the wedge 400 blows the demics covers

reigning sound you've got me humming too much guitar

cadillac tramps should i... it's all right

gluecifer the good times used to kill me automatic thrill

saturday looks good to me since you stole my heart everynight

the faint i disappear we from birth

the witnesses i should not have to ask tunnel vision

*pete tangredi life is a crazy passion the demics covers

two lone swordsmen the lurch double gone chapel

interpol take you on a cruise antics

brian eno/david byrne the jezebel spirit my life in the bush of ghosts

death from above 1979 sexy results you're a man, i'm a woman

rolling blackouts up up up black is beautiful

*bassbag talks cheap the demics covers

*dropouts bored stiff the dropouts

forty fives who do you think you are high life high volume

the illuminati message home on borrowed time

*pink cadillac scat cats new york city (acoustic) the demics covers

*grassy knoll & the magic bullit ground under she woke up in a frantic

blues explosion burnt it off damage

tub ring the promise keeper zoo hypothesis

singapore sling curse curse curse life is killing my rock n roll

the' losin streaks blue girl sounds of violence