October 19, 2004 - 3pm-6pm - The Swamp 94.9 CHRW Grant Stein - chrwpd@uwo.ca


*london band!


artist song title cd title


sons + daughters johnny cash love the cup

these arms are snakes big news oxeneers...

the illuminati black russian blues on borrowed time

doa stand up now live free or die

vhs or beta night on fire night on fire

le tigre tko this island

lowest of the low the last recidivist sordid fiction

blackouts fire in the pouring rain living in blue

blues explosion hot gossip damage

the hells he's the devil artrocker sampler

the dragons life is cheap rock n roll kamikaze

helmet see you dead size matters

river city rebels hope to be loved hope to be loved

melvins/lustmord zzz best/saftey third pigs of the roman empire

the faint paranoiattack wet from birth

slackers international war criminal international war criminal ep

*the caveman money vices ep

arcade fire power out funeral

aka the hots lip bomb touch ep

the organ i am not surprised sinking hearts

tijuana bibles chimpanzee twist fists of fury

the explosion i know black tape

mission of burma revolver a gun to the head

stiff little fingers can't get away with that guitar + drum

stiff little fingers best of fools guitar + drum

*63 monroe bad bad we have enjoyed ourselves

*matadors let's ride hellblazin'

the dudes dropkick queen of the weekend boompa vol. 1

sadies favourite colours translucent sparrow

pinback sender summer in abaddon

*let's get steve steve stole my nachos do not eat this