january 6, 2003


*london artists


artist                                        song                                        cd


*blueskiesatwar                       another hero dies                     you pour the gasoline i'll light the match

the dirtbombs                           motor city baby                        dangerous magical noise

the minds                                 hot                                           plastic girls

teenage head                            drivin' wild (my invader)           some kinda fun

the hellacopters                        all new low                              by the grace of god

the bronx                                 heart attack american               the bronx

*design for dying                      justify                                       design for dying

doa                                          war                                          war and peace

rockmastergeneral                    rmg                                          rockmastergeneral

skin yard                                  headswill                                  1000 smiling knuckles

veal                                         everybody wants more cocaine     embattled hearts

the hives                                  die, all right!                             veni vide vicious

the mood elevator                    watch your girl                         married alive

iggy pop                                  beat em up                               football

the bitchin' camaros                  tear it down                             the bitch camaros (ep)

*october crisis                         last rites                                   october crisis

jet                                            cold hard bitch                         dirty sweet ep

riverboat gamblers                   ice water                                  something to crow about

the singles                                he can go you can't stay           better than before

detroit cobras                          shout bama lama                      life love leaving

clinic                                        harmony                                  walking with thee

neko case                                look for me                              blacklisted


- diggin' thru my vinyl begins...


blues brothers                          i don't know                             best of the blues brothers

john cale                                  fear is a man's best friend         guts

modern lovers                          pablo picasso                           modern lovers

iggy pop/james williamson        kill city                                     kill city

mc5                                         rocket reducer no. 62....          kick out the jams

stranglers                                 nice n sleazy                             black and white

gang of four                             damaged goods                       entertainment!


- diggin' thru my vinyl ends...


danko jones                             forget my name                        we sweat blood

the clumsy lovers                      amen                                       after the flood

luther wright and the wrongs     comfortably numb                    rebuild the wall

randy bachman/soundtrack of our lives     rock is my life and this is my song      cbc ep

*trole                                       just a girl                                  the illegal bootleg demos

white cowbell oklahoma           cheerleader                              white cowbell oklahoma

new bomb turks                       switchblade tounges...              statue of liberty

anti-flag                                   post war breakout                    the terror state

icewater                                   go time                                    icewater

*blueskiesatwar                       constant reminder                     you pour the gasoline i'll light the match

*design for dying                      thirteen kilometers                    design for dying

sugar                                       a good idea                              copper blue