january 13, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


pure                                         primajuna                                 generation 6 pack

*the matadors                          the evil eye                               zombie night in canada

white cowbell oklahoma           san antone                               cencerro blanco

the dirtbombs                           executioner of love                   dangerous magical noise

social distortion                        don't drag me down                 live at the roxy

*osterberg                               burn it down                            osterberg

bouncing souls                         bulling the jukebox                   hopeless romantic

queens of the stone age            feel good hit of the summer       rated r

queens of the stone age            no one knows                          songs for the deaf

the mars volta                          Roulette Dares (the haunt of)    live

the blasters                              common man                           testament

the clash                                  somebody got murdered          sandinista

the last vegas                           lick 'em and leave 'em              you want to know how to love me

motorhead                               ace of spades                           no sleep till hammersmith

flaming sideburns                      street survivor                          save rock n roll

sons of freedom                       mona lisa                                 sons of freedom

*design for dying                      justify                                       design for dying

danko jones                             we sweat blood                       we sweat blood

wayne county/electric chairs     nighttime                                  blatantly offenzive

the haunted                              i'm just gonna blow my little mind to bits

shakin' pyramids                      take a trip                                skin 'em up

shakin' pyramids                      tennesee rock n roll                  skin 'em up

talking heads                            the girls want to be with the girls       more songs about buildings and food

the jam                                    eton rifles                                 snap!

sex pistols                                submission                               never mind the bollocks

gary numan                              me, i disconnect from you         white noise - live!

*blueskiesatwar                       last call                                    you pour the gasoline i'll light the match

random killing                          patios and beer                        urine the 90's

white cowbell oklahoma           cowbell intro                            cencerro blanco

white cowbell oklahoma           shot a gamblin' man                  cencerro blanco

rockmaster general                   double a                                  rockmaster general

antiflag                                     post war breakout                    the terror state

joe strummer/mescaleros          get down moses                       streetcore

*word of mouth                       sleeping china doll                    recorded live from "the swamp"

*demics                                   i won't see you no more           demics

boysetsfire                               curtain call                               live for today

teenage fanclub                        i need directions

*new grand                              hey now                                   the new grand

synthetic folk hero                    all i need is a spoon                  synthetic folk hero