january 20, 2004


*london band!


artist                                        song title                                  cd title


rockmaster general                   rmg                                          rockmaster general

southern culture on the skids     '69 el camino                           mojo box

phantom planet                        1st things 1st                            phantom planet

the cheeps                               sexy cobra                               the cheeps

against me!                              cliche guevera                          as the eternal cowboy

dropkick murphys                    good rats                                 sing loud sing proud

cheap trick                               elo kiddies                               live at buddokan

white cowbell oklahoma           san antone                               cancerro blanco

riverboat gamblers                   ice water                                  something to crow about

new york dolls                         bad detective                           too much too soon

*legend killers                          zombie janitors from hell           compilation

diodes                                     tired of waking up tired            best of...

minds                                       open the door                          plastic girls

rapture                                     hours of jealous lovers              echoes

blueskiesatwar                         another hero dies                     you pour the gasoline i'll light the match

jets overboard                         mirror mirror                            jets overboard (ep)

feelies                                      time for a witness                     time for a witness

jon spencer blues explosion      confused                                  xtra - acme usa

kc & the moonshine band         zombiefied                               zombie night in canada

cripple creek faries                   marten hartwell story                byop - calgary does <connors

ladytron                                   604                                         the way that i found you


diggin' thru my vinyl begins


leaving trains                            another drunker version of you 604

pil                                            - track one - green side -         second edition

flipper                                      life is cheap                              generic flipper

iggy & the stooges                   shake appeal                            raw power

kinks                                       around the dial                         give the people what they want

garland jeffreys                        96 tears                                   escape artist

secrets                                     shout                                       the last pogo

butthole surfers                        lady sniff                                  psychic...powerless...another man's sac


diggin' thru my vinyl ends


c'mon                                      deliver yr desire                       - demo

danko jones                             cadillac                                    i'm alive and on fire

*design for dying                      justify                                       design for dying (ep)

hard-ons                                  birthday                                   - sampler

hot little rocket                         are my eyes too red?                our work and why do we do it

white cowbell oklahoma           cowbell intro                            cancerro blanco

white cowbell oklahoma           shot a gamblin' man                  cancerro blanco

darkness                                  black shuck                             permission to land

buck 65                                   wicked and weird                    talkin' honky blues

shins                                        turn a square                            so much for the city

atom + his package                  i'm downright amazed               hamburger (ep)

                                                  what i can destroy with

                                                  just this hammer

pixies                                       break my body                        surfer rosa

wire                                         nice streets above                    send

black boot trio                         many young men consider        ponyride

                                                  themselves as cowboys