aug 12


singapore sling overdriver the curse of...

the bronx heart attack american the bronx

mando diao sheepdog mando diao

high dials my heart is black

granddaddy hes simple hes dumb...

grumpy ghost stinger

mars volta interiatic esp deloused in the comatorium

sons of freedom mona lisa sons of freedom

fu manchu king of the road go for!

ravonettes hearkbreak stroll chain gang of love

ravonettes little animal chain gang of love

billy talent this is how it goes billy talent

tijuana bibles reverse psychology custom made

nash the slash 19th nervous breakdown children

ramones were a happy family their toughest hits

flaming sideburns street survivor save rock n roll

ac/dc jailbreak 74 jailbreak

bobnoxious big cannons bobnoxious

link wray batman theme theres good rockin tonight

ansley dunbar retaliation the fugitive

lou reed vicious lou reed live

jon langford/sadies american pageant mayor of the moon

giant sand its bigger than that storm

dandy warhols we used to be friends welcome to the monkeyhouse

pell mell revival interstate

telepathic butterflies radio darlings an album

detroit cobras shoot bama lama life, love + leaving

atomiks dance of fools motor death

constantines tank commander shine a light

hawaii shooting star

moneen are we really happy... are we really happy...

tomahawk birdsong mit gas

metallica st. anger st. anger

doa are you ready are you ready

dirtmitts get on get on

63 monroe snafu

billy talent try honesty billy talent