tuesday august 19


artist                                         title                                           cd


preachers kids                          adult high                                  wild emotions

meat puppets                            automatic mojo                         huevos

talking heads                             cities                                         fear of music

reason disappears                     almond sculpture                       reason disappears (ep)

moneen                                    are we really happy...                are we really happy...

spoon                                       jonathan fisk                             kill the moonlight

soul junk                                   ??                                             ??

tangiers                                     here come the pieces                hot new spirits

hot hot heat                              no, not now                              make up the breakdown

datsuns                                     lady                                          datsuns

bouncing souls                          kids and heros                          anchors aweigh

kills                                          black rooster                            keep on your mean side

flying burrito brothers                hot burrito #2                           gilded palace of sin

giant sand                                 uneven light of day                    storm

matt mays                                 where am i going?                     matt mays

frank zappa                              i’m the slime                             over nite sensation

los straitjackets                         kawanga!                                 the velvet touch of...

trews                                        fleeting trust                              trews (ep)

big sugar                                   gone for good                           hemi vision

constantines                              night time/anytime...                  shine a light


diggin’ thru my vinyl feature


john cale                                   dirty ass rock n roll                   guts

john cale                                   heartbreak hotel                        guts

pirates                                      peter gunn                                out of their skulls

pirates                                      lonesome train                          out of their skulls

pirates                                      shakin’ all over                         out of their skulls

stranglers                                  hanging around                         iv (rattus novegicus)


raveonettes                               that great love sound                

high dials                                  antenna                                     a new devotion

sick lipstick                               sting sting sting                          the sick lipstick

westminster park                      william                                      westminster park – cd release

party at baccus lounge aug 20

boy                                          black cat                                  boy

chickens                                   chicken ride                              prepare to plug in

flashing lights                             been waiting                             sweet release

danko jones                              bounce

motorhead                                we are the roadcrew

chargers street gang                  at what point does part 1....

fu manchu                                 over the edge                            go for it...live!

fishbone                                    bonin’ in the boneyard              truth & soul

the monks                                 black monk time                       monk time

paul revere & the raiders           steppin’ out                              nuggets box set

pure                                         primijuana                                 generation 6 pack

beastie boys                             she’s crafty                               licensed to ill