14 july 2003 – 7pm-8:30pm


ronnie earl                           hey jose                              i feel like goin’ on

albert king                           please come back to me      talkin’ blues

magic sam                           all your love                        essential magic sam

dylan & the band                 katie’s been gone                basement tapes

matt meys                           downtown                           matt meys

richard & linda thompson    did she jump                       shoot out the lights

fred eaglesmith                    105                                     lipstick lies and gasoline

willie p bennet                     tryin’ to start out clean         fred eaglesmith picnic comp.

sleepy labeef                       mannish boy                        rockabilly blue

james cotton, junior wells... down home blues

blasters                               american music                    testement...complete slash ...

ac reed                               i got mad                             junk food

chris chown                         the hunter                            chris chown

rolling stones                       it hurts me too                     jamming with edward

little walter                          red headed woman              this is blues harmonica

the twisters                          long hard road                     two headed woman

ronnie earl                           big walter                            i feel like goin’ on