july 8


artist                                     song title                               cd title


living things                            bombs below                        turn in your friend (e.p.)

hangmen                               last drive                               used (e.p.)

les tabernacles                       get up                                   born ready

cynics                                   revenge                                 living is the best revenge       

the chains                              her name is love                    on top of things

the brogues                           i ain’t no miracle worker        nuggets box set

yeah yeah yeahs                    black tounge                         fear to tell

gossip                                   all my days                            movement

king kong                              black cat blues                      funny farm

planet smashers                     j’aime to femme                    mighty

corner shop                           lessons learned…                  generation…

wire                                      being watched                       send

lou reed                                white light/white heat             nyc man, the collection

von bondies                          nite train                                raw and rare

ac/dc                                    the jack                                 high voltage

the haunted                           shake                                    the haunted

fleshtones                              good enough for you             do you swing?

pretty girls make graves         speakers push the air             good health

deadly snakes                       there goes your corpse          ode to joy


havocs                                  havoc stomp                         bad day

Frankenstein 5                      he’s waiting                           kill & go hide

the kills                                 black rooster                         keep on your mean side

capitol years                          japanese store                       jewelry store

constantines                          tank commander                   nighttimes (single)

the floor                                catastrophe                           doll (e.p.)

simply saucer                        cyborgs revisited                   electro rock

down by law                         capitol riots                           windward tides and wayward sails

the clash                                radio clash                            essential

constantines                          thank you for sending me       night time (single)

                                                an angel

bo diddley                             cops & robbers                     got my own bag of tricks

stranglers                              bitchin                                  no more heroes

iggy pop                                loco mosquito                       soldier

contantines                            nighttime anytime it’s alright  night time (single)

matadors                               hellblazin                              hellblazin

the chains                              disappearing man                  on top of things

thor/doa                                are you ready                        are you ready

bouncing souls                       bullying the jukebox               hopeless romantic

les tabernacles                       born ready                            born reayd

deadly snakes                       oh my bride                           ode to joy                            

pil                                         disappointed                         9

wire                                      nice streets above                  send

hint hint                                 wiping the blood from            sex is everything

                                                our teeth