tuesday june 24 3pm-6pm


artist                                  song title                            cd title


flaming sideburns                invisible hands                    sky pilots                          

new pornographers            the laws have changed        electric version

vibrators                            keep it clean                       pure mania

bauhaus                             third uncle                          swing the heartache

alexisonfire                         pulmonary archery              alexisonfire

fever                                  ladyfingers                          pink on pink (ep)

clash                                  overpowered by funk         combat rock

fu manchu                          boogie van                         king of the road

white stripes                       ball and biscuit                   elephant

slowburn                            complicated game              slowburn

organ                                 i am not surprised               sinking hearts

chains                                disappearing man               on top of things

deadly snakes                    oh my bride                        ode to joy

black keys                         thickfreakness                    thickfreakness

flipper                                flipper twist                        american grafishy

63 monroe                         bad bad rock and roll         boot to the head compilation

roxy music                         amazona                            stranded

matt meys                          downtown                          matt meys

brendan benson                  metarie                               metarie (single)

bouncing souls                    hopeless romantic               hopeless romantic

husker du                           don’t want to know if…     candy apple grey

clutch                                 the elephant riders              the elephant riders

ac/dc                                 shot down in flames            highway to hell

bobnoxious                        big cannon                         bobnoxious


alexisonfire                         44 calibre love song           alexisonfire

white stripes                       well it’s true we love…       elephant                              

beastie boys                       benny and the jets              the sounds of science (anth.)

the floor                             catastrophe                        the floor

the dears                            lost in the plot                     no cities left

janes addiction                   ted, just admit it                  nothing’s shocking

doa & thor                         search & destroy                are you ready

gord downie                       we’re hardcore                  battle of the nudes             

iggy pop                             kill city                               kill city

sex pistols                          pretty vacant                      never mind the bollocks

gun club                             she is like heroin to me       fire of love