Chumpster's Challenge
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Chumpster's Challenge

Music Staff
In trying to keep up with the times, we have decided to try wav's. To do this, we had to split them up on 2 different web pages. I hope this doesn't cause any problems with anyone. The scoring will be explained below.
Every now and then we'll have Classic Rock, Blues, or a Golden Oldie included for a variety of music
There are 5 different songs in the challenge. You get 1 point each for song and 1 point for artist for a total of 10 points. The Fantasy room has a picture of a movie with a song from that movie. The Movie is worth 2 points and the song and artist worth 1 each respectively for a total of 4 points.There is a theme to the 5 challenge songs which we give you the answer for. BUT.. you have to tell us what kind of "answer" is in each song. EX: If the theme is "SKY" then each song will have a different type of sky. Such as "blue", or maybe "clear" or "stormy". Theme is worth 1 point. We have now added a Blast From The Past mystery song worth 5 pts for both Artist and Title. So that is a total of 20 points possible each week. We will go for 10 weeks at a time for a total of 200 points. So I hope everyone has fun and this isn't too complicated.


Country Music Challenge

DON'T FORGET THE ******************************************

Songs will change every Sunday around 3:00 PM Central Time

Click here to check if you still need any.. this page will be updated every couple of days.

Last Week's Chumpsters

Thanks for playing and Congratulations to all
Name From Correct
Cathy B. Norfolk VA 180
Nickster OK City, OK 177
Cloie New Hampshire 110
Tom n Liz Prairie Village, KS 80
Bobbi Winston-Salem, NC 80
Pam, Kenny,& Suzy Ohio 20
Marino & Montana Arizona 15
Doug N Cathy Shelley Mitchell, ON, Canada 14
Father Waldo Chumpville Chapel 0

Last Weeks Songs

01)Kevin Fowler - Senorita Mas Fina (Mexican)
02)Little Big Town - Fine With Me (Amber)
03)Marty Robbins - San Angelo (Hot)
04)Pat Green - Texas on My Mind (Texas)
05)Josh Turner - Would You Go With Me (Summer)
Mystery Song (BFTP)Hank Williams - Wedding Bells
Surf's Up
The Romantics - That's What I Like About You
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