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I have always been a jazz person. Apart from family influences, I think City Lite played an important part in my musical taste development. I remember listening to the station religiously, especially when was studying. While everyone else was listening to Michel and Madonna, I would sing along with Seawind.

I also got into the whole glam rock era. Every kid had to learn to play those in the guitar after all. So my batchmates and I would take turns showing off what we could play. None of us was any good, but hey, it was fun anyway. Better than attending classes right?

Anyway, one of my concerns then was finding the correct and complete lyrics of my favorite songs. We didn't always have Internet you know. So now I took the liberty of compiling songs that I have liked all these years. New and old, you'll find all the good ones here.

I think I'll also publish my mp3 list in case anyone out there wants to swap.

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The Songs


Cry Me a River

Don't Know Why

Falling Forward

Far Away

Finding Out The Hard Way


How Insensitive

Invisible War

I Can't Help Myself

I Thought It Was You

Like A Lover

Love Moves In Mysterious Ways

Loving You

Manhattan Skyline


Never Existed Before

Never Give Up


Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars

The Day You Went Away

Where Does The Time Go?

Without Me