Welcome to Mr. Stone's Neighborhood!

Latest Updates 10-24-2004:
I've cleaned up the site a bit -- (actually, a lot--). I've removed content that is rarely (sometimes never) viewed or used to make room for some projects I want to pursue, especially the bicycling section. I've also removed sections of the website that had contained personal information about myself and family members. The info had been used a couple of times by "ne'er do wells" to attempt to steal money. (Really -- Family Trees that are posted at websites are a good source for information like Mother's Maiden Name!)
So, I guess it would be more accurate to call the site Mr. Stone's Casa or perhaps Mr. Stone's Treehouse since it probably no longer qualifies as an entire neighborhood -- :-)

Here's what's here:

The OSCAR Study Page
Created in 1996, The OSCAR Study Page was the first species-specific Aquaria website on the internet. It generates between 20 and 30 "hits" per day. An "Oscar" is a South American Amazon-Basin tropical fish that is very popular in the aquarium trade.

Bicycling Section
I've not worked on this section yet, but provide a couple of good links to outstanding websites that discuss practical utilitarian bicycling. If you want to involve yourself in an activity that can keep you fit, save you money, save the world and generate the most wonderful sensations then start commuting to work on a bicycle. Take long, liesurely afternoon rides on your days off; ride in soft, Springtime rains; --You get the picture. Perhaps I always delay the work on the website because I'm too bizzy riding!

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Here's what's not here any longer:

The STONE family website, the Stone reunion page, the Beltran reunion page, the Stone and Longstreth family trees, Lara's section, links to Apa Stone Music and Big 8, and the Maranatha House mirror site. Apologies if you've wandered here in search of any of these sites! But, as discussed above, there's too little interest and, in some cases, too much personal info included.