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TTT-Himnaro Cigneta is a general Christian web hymnal seeking to serve those who worship in the international language Esperanto. It is similar in purpose and general plan, albeit on a more modest scale, to The Cyber Hymnal, the largest English-language online hymnal with which I am acquainted. TTT-Himnaro Cigneta is aimed primarily at those who know Esperanto, yet is frequently visited by non-Esperantists (often sent hither by Google™ or other search engines), so for the many visitors who know English better than Esperanto, I have prepared this page to assist in explaining the layout and contents of the hymnal and to answer some basic questions about the hymnal and related topics. The following topical links may help you find the information you seek more rapidly than you would be reading the whole page. If, after reading the whole page, you find that you still don't know (or understand) what you need to know, feel free to email me at cigneto @

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