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Come then, let's have breakfast

Esperanto flag Esperanto Original : Venu do, matenmanĝu

Jesus said to them, "Come and have breakfast." John 21:12

Venu do, matenmanĝu

By Leland Bryant ROSS
Original Language : Esperanto

A ‘sacred ballad’ for Easter Monday breakfast

Note the Scriptural basis for serving fish for breakfast on this occasion ;-)
The song is based on the first half of John 21

  1. When Jesus had died, to Tiberias' Sea
    with the faith of a mouse his disciples did flee,
    to the land of their birth, where asylum they sought
    in the lives they’d for Jesus abjured and forgot.

  2. Dawn was breaking. All night the forlorn little band
    had been fishing, caught nothing, when lo! on the strand
    there stood Jesus and cried, "Children, how do you fare?
    Have you caught any fish? Have you any to share?"

  3. They knew him not then as they hauled in their net:
    "Sad to say, sir, but no, we have caught nothing yet."
    So then Jesus advised, "To your right make your cast —
    then your net will be full, your futility past."

  4. The fishermen heeded the words he did shout.
    Soon their net was so full they could not haul it out.
    Then John saw who it was, and his heart joyful soar'd,
    and he whispered, "Hey, Peter, look there, it's the Lord!"

  5. On hearing this, Peter did put on his pants,
    and he jumped in the sea, and he beachward advanced.
    The remaining disciples came sailing behind,
    trailing fish of a hundred and fifty-three kinds.

  6. "Come then, let's have breakfast," — so Jesus did say —
    "For behold, I am with you, and with you I'll stay.
    Death has died. Oh, and Peter, if lovest thou deep,
    truly lovest me, hear me, and feed thou my sheep!"

Translated from the original Esperanto
by the author, Leland B. Ross © 1996

ANONYMOUS, first published in
Genuine Church Music, ed. Joseph FUNK, 1832

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