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Come, ye believers

Esperanto original: Venu, kredantoj

“O come, let us sing to the LORD; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!” Psalm 95:1

Author : William John DOWNES, 1967
Original Language : Esperanto
English translation by Leland Bryant ROSS, 1995

Fonto: LBR

  1. Come, ye believers, sing to our Father!
    Glorious beyond imagining is He!
    Lord God Almighty, ruler of all things —
    Let us all seek Him fervently now.

  2. Come, ye believers, sing to our Savior!
    Son of the Father, God become Man,
    Born to a virgin, laid in a manger,
    Raised as a Jewish carpenter's son.

  3. Come, ye believers, welcome the Spirit:
    Comforter Holy, Guidance Divine!
    Paraclete, pour out the light of truth on us —
    Help us and hold us firm on God's path.

  4. So to the Father, the Son, and the Spirit,
    Let our salvation call forth our song:
    Sing of the boundless, wondrous, redeeming,
    Seeking and saving Love of our God!

© 1971 K.E.L.I.

Ancient Gaelic Melody

The eight-stanza, unrhymed original of this hymn became the "trademark" call to worship among Protestant Esperanto speakers after its appearance as the first hymn in Adoru kantante (1971). I translated it in 1995, albeit in a shortened form, and we have sung it several times where I worship in Seattle.

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