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Death, and the terrors of the grave

And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly; yea, he did fly upon the wings of the wind. ... He sent from above, he took me, he drew me out of many waters. : Psalm 18:10,16

Verkinto / Author : Isaac WATTS

Fonto|Source : AL27

La bluaj strofoj estas tiuj, kiujn Melvilo ne uzis
en la kreado de la himno de Father Mapple (Moby-Dick, ĉap. 9),
"Balenaj ripoj kaj terur'".

The blue stanzas are those not used by Melville
in composing Father Mapple's hymn (Moby-Dick, ch. 9),
The Ribs and Terrors in the Whale

  1. Thee will I love, O Lord, my strength,
    My rock, my tower, my high defence:
    Thy mighty arm shall be my trust:
    For I have found salvation thence.

  2. Death, and the terrors of the grave,
    Spread over me their dismal shade;
    While floods of high temptations rose,
    And made my sinking soul afraid.

  3. I saw the opening gates of hell,
    With endless pains and sorrows there,
    Which none but they that feel, can tell;
    While I was hurried to despair.

  4. In my distress I call'd my God,
    When I could scarce believe him mine;
    He bow'd his ear to my complaints;
    Then did his grace appear divine.

  5. With speed he flew to my relief,
    As on a cherub's wings he rode:
    Awful and bright as lightning shone
    The face of my deliv'rer, God.

  6. Temptations fled at his rebuke,
    Dispell'd by his almighty breath:
    He sent salvation from on high,
    And drew me from the depths of death.

  7. Great were my fears, my foes were great,
    Much was their strength, and more their rage,
    But Christ, my Lord, is conqu'ror still,
    In all the wars that devils wage.

  8. My song for ever shall record
    That terrible, that joyful hour;
    And give the glory to the Lord,
    Due to his mercy and his pow'r.

Tune : OLD 100TH
Attr. to Loys BOURGEOIS, 1551

I have no idea what tune(s) Melville's contemporaries sang this to.
If you do know, please tell me!.
But pending that revelation, Old 100th works just fine.

Rim. : Although the fact that this text underlay the hymn in chapter 9 of Melville's Moby-Dick had been known since at least 1955 (when David Battenfeld noted the connection in the scholarly journal American Literature (XXVII [11/1955]), he traced it only to 1854 and was unable to ascribe authorship. Early in 2002, after running across the hymn in an online collection of Watts hymns, I became the first (to my knowledge) to publicize the fact that Watts was its author.

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