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In Bethlem Town

Then Herod ... sent and killed all the male children in Bethlehem and in all that region who were two years old or under... : Matthew 2:16
Author : Leland Bryant ROSS, 1997

Fonto : LBR

  1. In Bethlem town the Christ was born.
    They laid him down that starlit mor-ee-orn
    Amidst the corn, in swaddling gown
    Unbleached and worn, with hay his crown.

    Too-loo-ree-loo, too-loo-ree-lay,
    Too-loo-ree-loo: 'twas Christmas Day.

  2. On hills nearby, poor shepherds graze
    Their flocks. The sky explodes in prai-ee-aise,
    With angels' lays to God on high:
    "Fear not, this day salvation's nigh!

    Too-loo-ree-loo, too-loo-ree-lirth,
    Good will to you, and peace on earth!"

  3. The shepherds then of one accord
    To Bethlem ran to greet the Lor-ee-ord.
    They found him sleeping in a trough,
    Convolved in cheap, unwhitened cloth.

    Too-loo-ree-laid, too-loo-ree-lotched,
    They knelt and prayed as Mary watched.

  4. From Persia far, wise Parsees came,
    Led by his star, to praise his name-ee-ame.
    They brought presents of gold and myrrh
    And frankincense--and beaver fur,

    Too-loo-ree-lurr, too-loo-ree-lee,
    Then went home sur-reptitiously.

  5. King Herod had bequestioned them,
    With motive bad, about Bethlem-ee-em.
    The crafty sages Herod left
    In royal rage, of facts bereft--

    Too-loo-ree-lilled, too-loo-ree-lents,
    So Herod killed the Innocents.

  6. God said to Joseph and his wife:
    To Egypt go, to save your li-ee-ife.
    Thine ancient namesake as a slave
    To Egypt came your folk to save.

    Too-loo-ree-lask, too-loo-ree-lun,
    A sim'lar task awaits your son.

  7. Good people all, consider ye,
    Whom God hath called to liberty-I-ee--
    Consider well the awful cost
    The Scriptures tell in children lost;

    Too-loo-ree-low, too-loo-ree-laid,
    Consider now the ransoms paid.

  8. God's peace to you; now merry be,
    For 'tis all true, of verity-I-ee.
    The baby born, ye know it well,
    That holy morn, hath vanquished Hell,

    Too-loo-ree-loss, too-loo-ree-lee,
    Upon the cross, and we are free!

ankaŭ nomata THE PESKY SARPENT
Usona tradicia melodio, anonima, 18a jc.


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